Think big. Dream bigger. Save the world.

We are a team of the best-of-the-best problem solvers from a variety of skillsets, driven by teaching, and fulfilled with tackling complex challenges.  

Skilled and Diverse

There are so many great service companies out there but only a few take the time like we do to curate our professional network of talent. Whether it’s a twenty year computer engineering guru or a registered nutrition coach, they all love what they do and understand that problems may differ, but the solutions can be crafted equally. 

Lean and Agile

Eric Reiss was on to something big, and that’s why we execute everything we do with the idea of being lean and agile. What a larger business tries to do in volume, we achieve with highly skilled practitioners who are passionate about solving problems faster, cheaper and more reliably just for the badge of honor. 

Humble and Hungry

Clients say we light up the room, and our presence is always felt. Perhaps this is because at our core we are interested, active listeners, sensitive to our clients needs and then convert that into powerful execution.  Our passion is problem solving, and we love when our clients succeed.  

Moonshot: Gene-Defined Networking

With the advent of self healing neural networks and machine learning AI, could the next generation of networking interface be organic? 

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Health: Tele-Medicine, Tele-Dentistry, Tele-Everything

Healthcare is not limited to policy, it’s also how we as technology integrators attack the issue of advancing delivery systems behind remotely managed care. 

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Education: Science-Fairs are Innovation Incubators

If you didn’t think the Science Fair was a big deal growing up, you certainly will after seeing it on a national stage with Olympic level innovators. 

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